Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Gets Emotional New Trailer

An all-new story trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 had released just days ahead of the game’s [...]

(Photo: Nintendo)

An all-new story trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 had released just days ahead of the game's official debut. The trailer shows off several cinematics and nearly features the game's entire set cast, with Japanese voiceover. With a focus on the story's heroes, Pyra and Rex, the trailer unfolds into an emotional display of fleeting moments throughout the game that players can look forward to. Check it out:

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles, but features a new cast and story. Rex and Pyra are in search of a place called Elysium, which is said to be the ultimate paradise for humanity. Along the way, of course, they encounter fantastical settings, unknown danger, and what looks like intense personal tests of their willpower. Pyra is a living weapon known as a Blade (thus those weird transformations), and Pyra is actually from Elysium, but she isn't the only Blade wandering the clouds in search of home. Making matters worse, the giant creatures that humanity rests upon, called Titans, are migrating directly toward certain doom. It'll be up to Rex, Pyra, and their new friends to save what's left of civilization and start anew.

The game will give players a broader, open-world experience where, according to Nintendo, they'll be able to "search the vast open areas and labyrinthine corridors for treasure, secret paths, and creatures to battle and index." Each Titan hosts different cultures, regions, flora, and fauna, so it looks like players won't have to worry about any shortage of gameplay. In fact, with the ability to bond with and command Blades, it's likely that (like all other games from the franchise) players will be spending quite a lot of time on this title over the coming holiday season.

You can see the trailer below.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 hits shelves and the Nintendo eShop on December 1st.