Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Celebrates One-Year Anniversary with a God Card

Following the worldwide release of the mobile card game a year ago, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is [...]

YuGiOh Duel Links

Following the worldwide release of the mobile card game a year ago, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is celebrating its first anniversary by giving players the chance to obtain a powerful god card along with other incentives like bonus cards and new packs to spend your Gems on.

The god card in question that players can now earn is Slifer the Sky Dragon, the god card that Yugi famously possessed and used in the anime series. Slifer comes in a prismatic, Ultra-rare version that wasn't obtainable until now, and this combined with Slifer's effects makes it a card that players won't want to pass on. The card draws its power from however many cards a player has in his or her hand, so expect to see more than a few decks built around this card once players start obtaining it. In order to add it to your collection, you'll have to find Strings in-game and defeat him, something that shouldn't be too difficult seeing how he's only level 20.

A new box of cards is also being released for purchase within the store with each pack costing 200 gems. The packs come with 12 cards and a mix of rarities that include some essential cards like Kunai with Chain and Sphere Kuriboh. Log-in ticket bonuses will also be available that'll players can use to obtain several different cards, three Super Rares and three Ultra Rares each. Some cards that are no longer available from the Card Trader and other previously exclusive cards will also be available. Free Gems will also be distributed to players as part of the one-year celebration to make purchasing those packs easier, but there is a limit on how many packs players can purchase.

A bonus experience campaign will also be going on for a while to allow players to earn 1.5x the amount of experience that they normally would, so be sure to be active and earn as much XP as possible before the event ends on Jan. 24. The game now has quite a few cards ranging from the regular anime all the way up to GX, so if you've taken a break from playing the mobile dueling game, there's quite a bit waiting for you when you return.