Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Bans Controversial Card

Konami has updated the Forbidden & Limited List for "Standard" Ranked Duels, banning a controversial card in the process. The update in total contains five changes. Perhaps the least significant of these changes is the Limited removal from Magical Meltdown. Meanwhile, the following cards are now at "2": Anti-Spell Fragrance, Genex Ally Birdman, and Galatea, The Orcust Automaton. None of these changes are being talked about very much because none are very consequential perhaps other than the change to Anti-Spell Fragrance. That said, while this will cause some decks to be changed, it's easy to work around. The most notable change is the banning of Barrier Statue of the Stormwind, which is now completely Forbidden after being previously Limited. 

Of course, the changes are different between Master Duel and the TCG because the two are played differently. The former is single games while the latter is matches with side decks that can completely change strategies. In fact, some cards that are very effective in the game aren't very effective in the TCG because of side decks. Meanwhile, some sets aren't in the game yet, which means potential counters could be missing. 

The biggest question on the mind of many players is how Maxx C is around. Players have been calling for changes to the controversial card for a long time now, but so far, Konami doesn't seem very interested in making changes to the powerful card. 

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