The Dragon Ball Z Collector's Chess Set is 50% off Today Only


Chess battles just got a lot more intense now that you can play with characters from the Dragon Ball Z anime. The set features a themed board and 18 awesome-looking, full-color busts with heroes and villains representing traditional chess pieces. It launched at $60 last month, but GameStop currently has the set on sale for $30 as part of their Deal of the Day for May 12th.

Note that GameStop ships for free on orders over $35. If you want to cross that threshold, you might want to check out the Ani-May sale that GameStop is running on Dragon Ball Z and My Hero Academia collectibles. Everything is 20% off while the sale lasts. The chess set is part of that sale, so the price will likely shoot back up to around $48 starting tomorrow.

A breakdown of the heroes and villains in the DBZ chess set can be found below:

Heroes: Goku as King, Vegeta as Queen, Gohan & Piccolo as Bishops, Gotenks & Future Trunks as Knights, Android 18 & Krillin as Rooks and Super Ghost Kamikaze as Pawns.


Villains: Buu as King, Cell as Queen, Frieza & Android 19 as Bishops, Raditz & Nappa as Knights, Bojack & Broly as Rooks and Saibaiman as Pawns.

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