NYCC Exclusive Evil Trash Mistress Dumpster Fire Figure Glows Bright for 2020


Let it be known - 2020 is the year of the Dumpster Fire. This cute catastrophe from artist Truck Torrence and 100% Soft recently got a range of hats, pins, keychains, and a vinyl figure that lights up. However, they have partnered with Entertainment Earth to release a very limited edition "Evil Trash Mistress" New York Comic-Con exclusive figure that glows in the dark.

You can pre-order it here at Entertainment Earth for $30 while it lasts - which won't be long. It's a limited edition of 300, so we don't expect it to last more than 15-30 minutes. When it sells out, you will be able to grab it here on eBay soon. You can also find the 2020 special edition with a mask here on eBay - it's the best version in the Dumpster Fire collection if you ask us. If you don't want to pay the eBay premium, you can pre-order the light-up version that takes 3 AAA batteries right here at Entertainment Earth for $28. That's not a bad consolation prize, but there is one more figure for you to consider in the 2020 lineup:


This is a Funko Pop figure of a dog. It's based on a 2013 Gunshow comic strip by KC Green that evolved into the meme for our times. It's fine. Totally fine. Everything is fine. Actually, wait. Everything is not fine. This Funko Icons Pop is an exclusive that you need to grab right away!

More specifically, the This is Fine Dog Funko Pop is an Entertainment Earth NYCC booth exclusive that you can pre-order right here for $13.99 with shipping slated for December. When it sells out, you can always get one here on eBay.


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