'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' Theory Suggests the End of the World Will Be Undone

Last week, it was the end of the world on the season premiere of American Horror Story: Apocalypse. However, even though the world has ended some fans are wondering if the apocalypse will be undone by the end of the season -- and there's a solid reason why.

To make sense of this idea of an apocalypse undone, we first have to look at what series creator Ryan Murphy said about the series at the winter TCA panel. At that time, he revealed that the apocalypse would take place about 18 months after April 2018. That time frame can mean one of two things. It could mean that the actual events of the end of the world and the immediate aftermath takes places in October 2019 and then we jump ahead again to April 2021 when Michael Langdon arrives at Outpost 3. It could also mean that the end of the world begins in April 2018 and then the 18 month jump in the premiere drops us in October 2019.

In either scenario, we are looking at an apocalypse and a wrecked world existing in close proximity to October 30, 2022. For fans of the American Horror Story universe, that is a significant date. You see, in Hotel, that season's finale took viewers into the future to that specific date where James March (Evan Peters) along with ghosts of the other serial killers has dinner with Billie Dean Howard (Sarah Paulson), who is threatened by them to keep silent about the Hotel Cortez. With that event happening so close to the apocalypse, some fans think that the only explanation is that by the end of Apocalypse, things somehow get undone.

It's a tantalizing thought, but there are also a couple of other possibilities. It's possible that the timeline is just an oversight, creating a plot hole of sorts for the American Horror Story franchise. Given the great detail that goes into the series, with so many of the characters across seasons having complex ties, that's not especially likely. That leads to the next possibility: that the future glimpsed in the Hotel season finale takes place in the "new world" that Wilhemina Venable (Paulson) says they will create.


There's also the possibility that there's not an apocalypse at all. Hey, weirder things have happened on American Horror Story.

What do you think? Will the apocalypse be undone or are things about to get very, very interesting in the American Horror Story universe? Let us know your theories about the season in the comments below.