SYFY Broadcasting a Sharknado Marathon This Weekend

Many are trying to find a temporary reprieve from the stress of the current COVID-19 pandemic, and are turning to various movies and television shows to get the job done. If you'd like to spend the upcoming weekend in a slightly less-stressful fictional universe, SYFY has you covered. According to new listings (via Dread Central), the network is going to be airing a sixteen-hour Sharknado marathon, which will span all six entries in the fan-favorite franchise. The marathon is set to begin at 8 AM with Sharknado, with The Last Sharknado: It's About Time airing at 6 PM. If you weren't able to tune into the marathon the entire day, Sharknado will re-run at 8 PM, with Sharknado 2: The Second One closing things out at 10 PM.

As the name suggests, the Sharknado franchise follows a world where tornadoes filled with sharks cause trouble amongst the population. At the center of the franchise are a group of core characters, including Fin (Ian Ziering), April (Tara Reid), Nova (Cassie Scerbo). Later installments of the franchise managed to add an even bigger spectacle, taking the central problem to other countries, space, a post-apocalyptic future, and throughout history.

"They let us get away with murder with these movies, they really do," Anthony Ferrante, who directed and produced the franchise, said during a 2018 appearance at San Diego Comic-Con. "We got the chance to build a franchise out of chewing gum and duct tape."

If that isn't enough shark-related content for your weekend, Discovery Channel is also launching a "shark WeekEND", months before their annual Shark Week. The marathon will span both Saturday and Sunday, and feature classic and terrifying moments from the network's programming.


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As mentioned above, the Sharknado marathon will begin on Sunday, April 5th at 8 AM on SYFY.