Midsommar Star Florence Pugh Shares Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Photo

Ari Aster's Midsommar isn't exactly a film that most would call funny. Or fun. Or any adjective that doesn't somehow mean terrifying and disturbing. A sun-drenched, heart-of-summer horror film full of unsettling moments as a young woman, her boyfriend, and a group of friends go to a remote village in Sweden to study a unique midsummer celebration only to end amidst frightening rituals and human sacrifice doesn't exactly inspire light thoughts. But just because the film itself was disturbing, making it had its moments of levity and now, Midsommar star Florence Pugh is sharing one of those moments in a humorous behind-the-scenes photo.

On Instagram, Pugh shared a photo of herself all decked out in the much-memed flower crown and flower attire she wears after being named May Queen, sitting at a long table with the cast portraying the Harga many of them wearing sunglasses and holding umbrella's to offer shade against the sun. Pugh has a disapproving facial expression in the photo and captioned it "Take it back now y'all."

In Midsommar, Pugh plays Dani, who travels with her boyfriend Christian (Jack Reynor) and his friends and fellow anthropology grad students Josh (William Jackson Harper) and Mark (Will Poulter) as they take a trip to the remote Swedish village of Harga where they will witness a "once-in-a-lifetime" midsummer celebration unique to the village. However, Dani is still reeling from a personal tragedy and her relationship with Christian is not in the best place -- with Christian having planned to break up with her before the tragedy. It all comes to a head during the nine-day festival of love and glee which turns out to have some disturbing, horrific results the visitors certainly wouldn't have expected.

The film was released last summer, though a director's cut was released just over a month later. Aster had been asked by A24 to trim the film for wide theatrical release, including the cut of some scenes that set up some of the tension for Dani and Christian's fraught relationship.

"There [was] a very big argument between Dani and Christian in the middle," Aster shared with GameSpot. "That was the only time that we see Dani fight back and argue with Christian, and that was a big debate in the edit room, about whether we keep that or lose that. If you told me that I would have cut that scene before we went into production, I would have told you that you were crazy."

Fans will next get to see Pugh in Marvel's Black Widow where she plays Yelena Belova in a story that she teased previously as horrifying.


"The storyline that we are telling is very horrifying," Pugh revealed in Marvel Studios' Black Widow: The Official Movie Special Book. "It's about women that have been, essentially, abused and trained up to be killing machines. As Scarlett said over and over, this is the right time for her to be telling [Black Widow's] story. And we're not shying away from the fact that this story is essentially about women getting their life back... And it's a Marvel Studios film, too. That's pretty rare, and it's very exciting to be a part of that."

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