Gretel & Hansel Home Video Details Revealed

A new take on the classic Brothers Grimm story of Hansel and Gretel landed in theaters earlier this year, which offered a much darker take on the subject matter, with filmmaker Osgood Perkins' Gretel & Hansel set to land on Digital HD on April 7th and on Blu-ray and DVD on May 7th. While the film might not have been a major financial success, a fate suffered by many genre films that open in the early months of the year, the film sits at 64% positive reviews on aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, which is a relatively strong score for such an ambitious endeavor.

In the film, "A long time ago in a distant fairytale countryside, a young girl (Sophia Lillis, IT) leads her little brother (Sammy Leakey) into a dark wood in desperate search of food and work, only to stumble upon a nexus of terrifying evil."

Sadly, the only special feature listed for the movie is "Storybook," though it's unclear if this is the title of a featurette or if the Blu-ray will include a physical storybook to celebrate the fairytale's history.

gretel and hansel blu ray cover 2020
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The film might have only taken in $21 million worldwide, but the potential to develop a series of interconnected fairytale adaptations is something Perkins admitted he would be interested in exploring.

“Without saying too much…my idea for it was to create our own fairytale world, our own fairytale universe,” Perkins shared with Bloody Disgusting's The Boo Crew podcast. "I don’t wanna say Shrek, but you know how Shrek is all the fairy tales, they all coexist, and you’re in that enchanted world? So, the idea is to suggest there isn’t just [this] one [place], there are entities all around and references to other fairytales.”

The filmmaker went on to tease that this could merely be the beginning of Gretel's exploits, with the film featuring references to other iconic fairytales that could potentially be explored further in subsequent films.

"People say things, and there are a couple of easter eggs in the movie that reference other older movies and things," Perkins pointed out. “The idea is that Gretel could certainly go forth from this movie and get into more trouble.”

While the world of horror hasn't yet seen major success with shared universes, a variety of superhero storylines have proven to be some of the biggest box office successes in history, which could result in Perkins fulfilling these storytelling desires.


Grab Gretel & Hansel on Digital HD on April 7th and on Blu-ray and DVD on May 7th.

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