Jamie Lee Curtis Shares First Photo From Halloween Kills Set

With production on Halloween Kills fully underway, star Jamie Lee Curtis took to Twitter to show off a behind-the-scenes look at Laurie Strode. The photo doesn't offer any insight into the film's plot, though Curtis' Laurie Strode clearly still has the injuries she earned from her clash with Michael Myers in last year's Halloween, which could confirm the timeline of the upcoming film and how close its events take place compared to its predecessor's conclusion. Given that this is a Halloween movie, however, Laurie will likely suffer even more turmoil in the new film, with the photo possibly being a reflection of new injuries she will earn.

The actress shared the photo from a makeup trailer while adding the caption, "NEVER SAY DIE! First day back in the battle for my life!"

Curtis' caption does come across as ominous, given that a third film has already been announced, with her claim that this is the "battle for my life" possibly confirming it won't be a battle that she wins. Knowing that a follow-up film will be hitting theaters a year after the release of Halloween Kills, we wouldn't be surprised if the filmmakers go the Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back route and offer a devastating fate for some of our heroes, setting the stage for the third film in this sequel narrative to start on a dark note.

Earlier this week, set photos from the film revealed that a hospital had been transformed into Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, a location that played a prominent role in 1981's Halloween II. In that sequel, after surviving her terrifying encounter with Michael Myers, Laurie Strode is taken to the hospital, receiving the medical care she requires while being mildly sedated. Michael manages to make his way to the hospital in hopes of finishing off his reign of terror, killing hospital employees along the way while Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) attempts to investigate why Michael is so persistent on his path.

The injuries seen on Curtis might confirm the upcoming film takes place immediately after last year's Halloween, serving as a spiritual reboot of Halloween II, though it would likely avoid replicating that film's various plot points.

Halloween Kills lands in theaters on October 16, 2020 and Halloween Ends lands in theaters on October 15, 2021.

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