Happy Death Day Director Promises Next Film Will Be "Gory AF"

Filmmaker Christopher Landon accomplished a nearly impossible task by delivering not one, but two immensely entertaining horror films with his Happy Death Day series while maintaining a PG-13 tone, though he promises his next film will be much more gruesome than his previous efforts. While some filmmakers would see a tamer rating as a hindrance, Landon was able to embrace the silly spirit of the films without relying on spilling buckets of blood, which makes his tease of the upcoming film surely exciting to fans of the franchise, as it sounds as though he won't sacrifice his storytelling sensibilities and will instead allow gore to heighten the experience.

"If anyone is wondering, my next movie, which comes out this year, is gory AF — Blood drenched and gleefully hard R," Landon revealed on Twitter.

The filmmaker didn't tease any further details about the project, though it was confirmed last year that it will be a horror-themed body-swap film, which is set to star Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton, in which a serial killer switches bodies with a teen-aged girl, providing her with 24 hours to correct the switch before it becomes permanent.

Ahead of the film being officially announced, Landon teased his excitement for the project last summer.

"I can't get into specifics at all, which I would love nothing more than to do," Landon told ComicBook.com of the film earlier this year. "But I can say that, this is so vague, but I am so excited to go make this movie. It's one of those movies that you sort of go, 'Wait, why hasn't that been done before?' That's really been the line that we've gotten the most when the script has gone out, as we've been casting and getting our crew assembled. That's been the thing I've heard over and over again. 'Wait, wait, they haven't done this yet?' And I'm like, 'Nope.'"

He added, "It's a really fun movie. I hope people love it. I'm very excited to work with [producer] Jason [Blum] again. It's a really good home for a filmmaker. I get to really do what I want to do and that's rare in this business. I'm excited. There will be more details coming soon. I know that. I feel like at some point Universal is going to make some kind of an announcement, I just can't say anything yet."

Stay tuned for details on the untitled film.


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