Netflix's The Babysitter Is Getting a Sequel, McG Directing

It's hard to tell which Netflix original movies are successful and which are total flops, considering the streaming service doesn't often reveal the actual numbers to the public. So aside from social media phenomena like Bright and Bird Box, it's hard to know if a Netflix movie is actually a good performer or not. Well apparently 2017 horror-comedy The Babysitter was a reasonable success for Netflix, as the streamer is giving it a sequel.

According to the new issue of Production Weekly, McG is hopping back in the director's chair for The Babysitter 2, which will be his third film in as many years for Netflix, following The Babysitter and Rim of the World. Production on the sequel will begin as early as October, with no release date currently set.

While McG is back behind the camera, it looks like the sequel is getting a new writer. The original script was penned by Brian Duffield, but Production Weekly lists American Vandal executive producer Dan Lagana as the writer of the sequel.

There's no telling what sort of story the sequel could tell, though the first Babysitter did leave things a bit open-ended. It was revealed in the movie that Bee (Samara Weaving), babysitter to Cole (Judah Lewis) is actually an eternal witch that requires human sacrifice. Cole burns her Devil's Book and rams a car into her in the middle of the house, essentially killing her on the spot. However, when the first responders arrive to clean up the scene, they don't find Bee's body anywhere. It's clear that she can't die, so there's plenty of room for a new tale. Neither Lewis nor Weaving have been confirmed to return.


Casting is currently underway on the sequel, so some news regarding the returns of the two leads could be coming very soon. Most of the other notable actors from the first movie played characters who were killed at the hands of Bee so their returns are highly unlikely.

Are you glad The Babysitter is getting a sequel? What are you hoping to see from the new movie? Let us know in the comments!