Nightmare on Elm Street Star Thinks He Might Have One More Freddy Krueger Performance in Him

There might not be any official plans for a new A Nightmare on Elm Street on the horizon, but [...]

There might not be any official plans for a new A Nightmare on Elm Street on the horizon, but longtime Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund confirmed at a recent convention appearance that he was willing to take on the role for another sequel. The actor last appeared in the series with his performance in 2003's Freddy vs. Jason, with Jackie Earle Haley having played the character in the 2010 remake. Englund has previously confirmed that the physical nature of the character would potentially prevent him from returning to the series, with these recent remarks being only the latest reminder that he might actually be up to the task.

"I'm not Freddy anymore, you guys. I could do one more…probably," Englund shared with the crowd at Monster Mania, as recorded by Dead Entertainment [H/T Bloody Disgusting]. "If you shot me up with vitamin C. But here's the thing: I can't do eight more, you guys. So we need a new actor that you guys believe in and trust and love that can go the distance."

Last Halloween, Englund reprised the role for the ABC sitcom The Goldbergs, proving he still had what it took to bring the character to life. Understandably, with 35 years having passed since Englund first played the character, committing to multiple exhausting feature films might be too big of a commitment.

One name that has often been brought up when it comes to who could effectively take on the role for a sequel is Kevin Bacon, who previously starred in the original Friday the 13th.

"He's not a kid anymore either but the rumor I've heard that I like is Kevin Bacon," Englund admitted. "Kevin loves horror. He's a real actor. He's a character actor. Kevin was great in Tremors. Kevin was great in Stir of Echoes. And I've heard this rumor. We need someone like that to take it on. And re-do it, exploiting all of the new technology."

Englund isn't the only original star who would love to star in a sequel, with Heather Langenkamp also confessing her interest in returning to the franchise.

"I would really love to reprise Nancy in a way, because I feel that there's more of that story to be told, certainly," Langenkamp shared with "But I don't know if there's anyone out there who is as imaginative as Wes Craven, who could figure it out. I just don't know. I don't see enough great storylines that would incorporate Nancy in any universe. I just don't know if that exists, but some brilliant person might be working on something. But I know the fans would love it so much, because I see them in these situations where they're so enthusiastic."

She added, "They're such great fans that the horror genre just doesn't seem to appreciate them enough. I constantly walk away with, these are people who have created a genre just out of pure love over the past 30 years. Their love of these movies has actually buoyed this genre in a way that no other genres, I think, can say that's the reason why they're so successful. And so, for their sake, I think, give them what they want. If this is what they want, they're telling me they want it, then why wouldn't you give people what they want?"

Stay tuned for details on the potential future of the series.

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