Stranger Things 3 Stars Speak Out on SPOILER's Tragic Death

Have you finished watching every episode of Stranger Things 3 yet? No? What's wrong with you? Were you spending your holiday weekend eating barbecue with friends and family, watching fireworks instead of watching the new season on Netflix? Well go inside and rectify that right now before reading on, because we're diving way deep into spoiler territory here.

Ok, so you've watched Stranger Things 3? Perfect. Let's talk about that finale, because it was a doozy, and there's sure to be a lot of fallout as we move toward new episodes of the fan-favorite series.

Warning: Spoilers for Stranger Things 3 below.

The final episode of the new season shows Hopper stuck in a predicament, just as he and Eleven were starting to find their groove as a family while he and Joyce were finally confronting their romantic feelings for each other. But with Joyce forced to shut down the Russian's particle accelerator that was prying open the door to the Upside Down, Hopper was stuck on the other side of the glass and had to be sacrificed in order to save the world.

In the end, the two exchanged a knowing glance and know what needed to be done. He offered a knowing nod, she turned off the machine. Hopper died, Joyce took in Eleven, and the extended Byers family decided to move out of Hawkins, Indiana once and for all. Now that the show is out, actors David Harbour and Winona Ryder spoke with Mashable about the season finale and how it played out.

"Well, [the whole season] leads to that epic, climactic moment of just one simple look between them," Harbour explained. "To me, that alone [tells] a lot about their shared 30 years of history together."

Ryder lamented that their onscreen time could come to an end, adding "I was really happy just to get to spend more time with David. It was really great to have so much with just David and I."

"They have their own traumas, they have their own difficulties, and they do act out on each other," Harbour said of their characters' dynamic. "I mean, Hopper certainly acts out all over the place. He's constantly angry and doesn't know how to process his emotions."

But now that Hopper is gone, there's no more opportunity for the two to get together.

"I just, I wonder what would have happened if... you know?" Ryder wondered in the interview.

"Yeah, I know," added Harbour. "Me too."

But maybe this isn't the end, as Harbour himself teased to ComicBook ahead of the premiere of Stranger Things 3. When our own Adam Barnhardt asked if there were plans to return for a fourth season, the actor played coy.


"There's always discussion on set about kicking around ideas about what would be cool and stuff, but there's a lot of stuff that goes down in season three that you're going to want to pay attention to before you start thinking at all about the future," Harbour teases. "They pulled no punches with the season, and it's a big deal what goes down. So you really have to watch this before you start even speculating."

We'll see if he returns, but for now you can watch his final stand in Stranger Things 3 now streaming on Netflix.

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