Wolverine Actor Hugh Jackman Shares Adorable Video Dancing With His French Bulldog

Hugh Jackman is melting hearts with a viral video of him dancing with this French Bulldog, Dali. In the video, we see Jackman putting the moves down with Dali in his arms, with a video caption that reads, "Yes ... yes I do dance with my costar. #Dali" As you might expect, the combination of an adorable Hugh Jackman, dancing, while holding an adorable dog, has lit up the Internet. The video of Jackman and Dali has effortlessly gone viral - though since this is the Internet, the response hasn't all been positive.

As with any public showcase of human/dog relations, some people saw Jackman's video as somehow forcing poor little Dali into an unfavorable activity. And because this is the Internet in 2020, some people are going full conspiracy-nut on poor little Hugh Jackman:

And Here's where things take a real turn into Crazy Town:

However, the overwhelming majority of fans are feeling nothing but warm, fuzzy, feelings about the Hugh Jackman/Dali show:

In all ways big and small, Hugh Jackman truly is "The Greatest Showman." Though his rival Ryan Reynolds may not agree. Reynolds immediately clapped back at Jackman, for 'putting a dog in tap dancing shoes,' a not-so-subtle jab at his X-Men movies co-star. Both Jackman and Reynolds have kept Marvel fans entertained offscreen, as they continue to hold an epic (faux) feud over social media.


While Marvel Studios looks to cast a new Wolverine actor to succeed Jackman, the actor himself has an impressive lineup of projects. He will star in Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy's new sci-fi drama Reminiscence, as well as two biopics: The Good Spy (about American CIA operative Robert Ames) and Enzo Ferrari (about the famous sports car creator).