John Cusack Reportedly Attacked by Police During Chicago Protests

John Cusack is the latest celebrity to speak out after having an alleged run-in with police during [...]

John Cusack is the latest celebrity to speak out after having an alleged run-in with police during the ongoing protests over George Floyd's murder. The actor posted a video late last night after biking around Chicago as police made their presence known at the city's protest. According to Cusack, the actor was approached by police while filming a burning car, and police began hitting his bicycle with batons as they shouted at him to leave.

"Cops didn't like me filming the burning car so they came at me with batons," Cusack told his followers on Twitter as he shared the disturbing video. "Hitting my bike. Ahhm, here's the audio."

As you can see in the video below, the video is blurry as Cusack keeps the camera out of sight from the police. You can hear an unknown person off-screen shouting at Cusack to get out of the area, and it grows louder as the video continues. The actor is heard saying "Alright, alright" as he leaves, and then a series of clangs are heard as metal hits metal. The incident was not captured on the footage, but the sounds could be from the batons which Cusack said hit his bike.

In a separate tweet, Cusack confirmed pepper spray and tear gas was used by police during the protest as he appeared to have come in contact with some. The actor, who is from Illinois, went on to take other photos and videos from the night as the event escalated. Police clashed with numerous protestors over the night, and Cusack said he would be "very surprised if this is a one or two day event" given how tense the protest last night became.

Chicago was one of several cities that held protests over the killing of George Floyd last night. Los Angeles, New York City, Nashville, and plenty more held peaceful rallies in the day which turned violent as night descended. Other celebrities joined the protests with Cusack as Ariana Grande was spotted protesting in Los Angeles while The Flash's Kendrick Sampson was shot by police with rubber bullets later in the afternoon.

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