Mark Hamill Calls Out Space Force For Swiping From Guardians Of The Galaxy, Star Wars And Star Trek

The US military's Space Force is getting called-out by Star Wars icon Mark Hamill. In a new [...]

The US military's Space Force is getting called-out by Star Wars icon Mark Hamill. In a new Twitter post, Hamill (jokingly) alleges that the US space force stole the "Guardians" name for its officers from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy; the "Force" portion of its title from Star Wars; and that already-controversial logo from Star Trek. Hamill's post was in response to Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn's post about whether they can sue over the use of the term "Guardians." Gunn captioned that post with the question "Can we sue this dork?" prompting Hamill to sign his post with "#MayTheDorksBeWithYou".

"So they grab the "Guardians" from your movies, they use the "Force" from our movies... then they have the gall to just steal their logo from "Star Trek"? Let's file a 3-way joint lawsuit & really nail these larcenous bastards! #MayTheDorksBeWithYou"

The more we see of the US Space Force, the harder it gets to separate the military organization from some of the more popular sci-fi franchises in entertainment. It's also getting harder to argue that this new branch of the armed forces and its vaguely-defined mission and goals aren't purposefully "borrowing" elements from popular sci-fi franchises - after all, it wouldn't be out of step with some of the other policies and practices of the administration that created Space Force.

Trademark lawsuit aside, the particular choices in branding seem like they would be great fodder for season 2 of Netflix's Space Force comedy series. Netflix announced Space Force season 2 last month, after a middling-level of buzz for season 1. However, there's a good chance that the increasingly trending updates about the real-life Space Force will give the Netflix series a boost in visibility. The traditional "Sophomore Slump" could end becoming a 'Sophomore Bump' in this case.

Mark Hamill certainly has the platform to bring this up right now: the Star Wars icon crushed the Internet with his surprise return as (de-aged) Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian season 2 finale. After seeing Luke in action, Space Force might want to tread lightly.

Space Force is now streaming on Netflix.