Miller Lite Offering Super Bowl Fans Free Beer With 836-Character Calorie-Burning URL

Super Bowl LV is just a few days away and viewers are already eagerly anticipating some of the [...]

Super Bowl LV is just a few days away and viewers are already eagerly anticipating some of the time-honored traditions of the annual event, such as the big-budget commercials that, for many, are just as entertaining as the sporting event itself. But there are also some brand rivalries that also factor into those commercials and promotions and this year, Molson Coors is going on the "offensive" to highlight the one calorie difference between their Miller Lite's 96 calories and competitor Michelob Ultra's 95 calorie light beers -- by giving sports fans a free six-pack of beer and burn that one extra calorie by typing in a "ridiculously long calorie-burning URL" during Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl ad.

On Sunday, Super Bowl viewers will be able to type in an 836-character URL during Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl ad. Those who complete the lengthy URL will be sent $8 via Venmo on Sunday, February 7th so that they can buy a six-pack of beer on Miller Lite. The act of typing the very long URL is also enough to burn that one calorie. You can check out more about the URL in the video below.

"For decades, Miller Lite has been known as the original great-tasting and less filling beer," Vice President of Marketing Miller Family of Brands Sofia Colucci said in a statement. "Through the years there have been many followers. And while yes, some others may have one less calorie, we know that everyone finds joy in something that tastes great."

If this sounds intriguing, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. For starters, that 836-character URL is something that viewers will have to type in -- not copy and paste. The brand has chosen to make it nearly impossible to do so by only releasing the URL as an image or as spoken word. The URL also appeared on a full-page in Monday's New York Times. For those that do enter the URL, the free six-pack offer is limited to the first 5000 entries and is also only open to consumers ages 21 and above.

And the 836-character URL isn't the only creative marketing that Molson Coors is utilizing this Super Bowl. Coors recently announced plans to offer a commercial that can only be accessed through consumers' dreams with the goal of experiencing it the night before game day. You can read more about that innovative approach here.

Will you be entering the 836-character URL on game day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Super Bowl LV will air on Sunday, February 7th at 6:30/5:30 CT on CBS. If you want to watch it for free, you can do so here.