Coors Light's Super Bowl Ad Is Designed to Play in Your Dreams

Super Bowl LV is drawing near, and a wide array of companies are beginning to preview their [...]

Super Bowl LV is drawing near, and a wide array of companies are beginning to preview their advertisement campaigns for the event. To an extent, part of the fun of Super Bowl commercials has been watching how the various parties up the ante, in hopes of creating a decidedly memorable commercial. On Wednesday, Coors announced their plans for how to market during the week of the event -- and it's undeniably memorable. Instead of airing an advertisement during the Super Bowl itself, Coors will be offering fans a commercial that can only be accessed in their dreams, with the goal of experiencing it the night before game day. Yes, you read that right.

Coors' ad will be achieved through "Targeted Dream Incubation", which uses various scientific stimuli to guide people's dreams. In collaboration with psychologist, author, and dream expert Dr. Deirdre Barrett, Coors has created a stimulus film and an eight-hour soundscape, with the goal of triggering the listener's subconscious into dreaming the company's advertisement.

"I've studied dreams and methods to influence them throughout my career, but working with the artists of the Coors Dream Project was a novel opportunity to craft audio and visual stimuli that viewers could use to trigger specific dream content," Dr. Barrett said in a statement. "We saw the results come to life in the Dream Lab trial run when participants reported similar dream experiences including refreshing streams, mountains, waterfalls and even Coors itself."

"Targeted Dream Incubation is a never-before-seen form of advertising," Marcelo Pascoa, Vice President of Marketing at Molson Coors, added. "Typically for big sports events, we see ads featuring over-the-top car chases, pyrotechnics, dramatic scenery and storylines, but with the Coors Big Game Dream, the dreamer is in the driver's seat to create a chill, relaxing ad inspired by our visual and audio stimuli."

Coors has already launched a website to allow fans to preview the dreamscape, complete with a behind-the-scenes look at how exactly it will look. The full-length eight-hour soundscape and film will be available beginning on February 3rd, giving everyone plenty of time to potentially dream the Super Bowl ad before the game on February 7th.

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