Hostess Unveils S'mores Cupcakes Exclusively at Walmart

Now that we're well into summer, it's about time people begin to camp — socially distanced, of course — whatever weekends they can. With camping, you already know s'mores are something that's always on the menu. The fine snackmakers at Hostess are hoping to make your s'mores-making chore a whole lot easier by bringing S'mores CupCakes back to the market. Featuring a similar treatment to their classic chocolate CupCake line, the newest product includes a graham cracker-flavored yellow cake base with chocolate frosting.

It wouldn't be a Hostess CupCakes product either without the creme filling and here, the filling is — as you'd expect from s'mores — marshmallow fluff. The news first started to surface on Instagram thanks to the wildly popular @junkbanter account.

As mentioned in the release from Hostess, these s'mores CupCakes will be available only through Walmart for a limited time. It's expected the treats will go on sale July 9th and be available as supplies allow. The item also has a dedicated page on the Walmart site, though it mentions the items will only be available for in-store purchase.

"What's fun here is what the box isn't telling you," @JunkBanter says. "The yellow cake is graham cracker flavored (at least according to the PR email I got, which also says they are *moist*. The filling is toasted marshmallow flavored to [sic]. This is pretty ambitious and although there's a decent chance this just tastes like "cupcake" more than anything else, I'm eager to track these down. Should be available in Walmart any day now."

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