Samsung Blu-ray Players Stop Working and Users Are Confused

Samsung Blu-ray players are acting up and people are a bit confused. The problems with the [...]

Samsung Blu-ray players are acting up and people are a bit confused. The problems with the hardware began this weekend as one user posted on the company's forums. ZDNet reported on the issue and people are describing their Blu-ray players getting stuck in an endless loop when booting up. So, they switch on their device and may hear a buzzing sound, and then it tries to reboot because of the issue. Sometimes, this can even occur if there's nothing stuck in the machine. Others are sharing their machines shutting down immediately after batting, and even some are talking about how their players no longer respond to button commands at all. It's not confined to any particular model, but it does seem to be a bit of a problem for the company and its users right now.

A poster on the forums named Rick had this to say, "This is strange. The OP posted their message a few hours ago. My Samsung BD-57C just started doing the same thing about an hour ago. As soon as it receives power, it starts clicking and buzzing as if it's trying to load a disc. Nothing is displayed on the TV. I changed batteries in the remote. The remote will open the drawer oncei per it on with the remote, but the player closes it in two seconds and starts making noise again."

"If I insert a disc, I'll hear the player start reading the disc, but then it starts the clicking and buzzing. At no point will anything be displayed on the TV screen. I unplugged the player for ten minutes," he continued. "While it's unplugged, I depressed the power button for 30 seconds. As soon as I plug it in, it immediately starts making noise. Any ideas? It's about 2 years old. I've maybe used it about 20 times."

Samsung's community manager in the forums has issued a comment: "We are aware of customers who have reported an issue with boot loops on some Blu-Ray players and we are looking into this further. We will post an update here on this thread when we have more information."

As it stands right now, there is no immediate fix for the issue. Samsung is working hard to try and determine exactly what is going on here, but there are no answers yet. Some speculate that it could be a firmware issue, but nothing has been proven yet. As many people are still inside due to the coronavirus pandemic, this is a pretty bad time for hardware to be acting up at this scale. A lot of film fans have been using that backlog of Blu-rays to get through the past few months. Without something else to play them on, they will have to find some other way to watch their favorite movies.

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