Spotify Reportedly Launches Film and Television Studio -- But It Might Just Be For Video Podcasts

The streaming wars may be getting a new evolution. According to The Cinema Spot,digital music and [...]

The streaming wars may be getting a new evolution. According to The Cinema Spot,digital music and podcasting giant Spotify has opened a production company, Spotify Studios, which will be used to create new TV and flm content. It is not yet clear whether the plan is to add video to the existing Spotify app, or just to diversify their productions -- just as it is not yet clear whether they will be developing new IP or making adaptations of their existing podcasts as shows, movies, and documentaries. The report indicates that Spotify Studios is currently scouting locations as potential future production homes, and will be meeting up with local officials in and around Ontario, Canada.

This seems like a potentially huge move, but it's equally likely that the production studio is going to be committed primarily to producing video versions of their existing popular podcasts. A new spate of celebrity-hosted podcasts over the last couple of years feels like it has big potential to be essentially the next generation of late night or talk shows.

A week ago, Spotify released a statement announcing a new video initiative that would give fans a chance to interact with some of their favorite podcasts via video.

You can see their statement on that below:

Spotify is unveiling the first version of our new video podcast feature with select podcasts. Now listeners in all markets where podcasts are supported will be able to listen to or watch those podcasts as the feature rolls out.

Video podcasts build upon and enhance our existing audio experience, allowing Free and Premium users to connect more deeply with their favorite podcasts with video content. Listeners can tune into podcasts like Book of Basketball 2.0, Fantasy Footballers, The Misfits Podcast, H3 Podcast, The Morning Toast, Higher Learning with Van Lathan & Rachel Lindsay, and The Rooster Teeth Podcast for a visual and audio feast.

To start watching, just press play on your desktop or mobile app. The creator-made videos will start automatically and sync immediately with your audio feed. If you're multitasking between apps or want to lock your device during the episode, no worries: your audio will continue to play in the background with no interruption (and minimal data usage). All listeners will still be able to download the audio to their mobile devices to listen to shows on the go.

The new feature allows select creators to bring both audio and video content to Spotify, enabling them to connect more meaningfully with their listeners, expand viewership, and deepen audience engagement. It's a way to enrich the audio experience—for fans and creators alike.