Stellar New UFO Pictures Go Viral

Recent UFO sightings near Mexico's Tamaulipas have taken the internet by storm. In particular, one series of pictures taken by a local named Juanito Juan have gone viral online for a group of high-quality snapshots of what appears to be an all-too-typical flying saucer.

According to the viral tweet, Juan was taking pictures of an incoming storm when he spotted the UFO. The photographer then shifted his focus to that, capturing three pictures of it flying across the sky.

Prominent Mexican "UFOlogist" Jaime Maussan happened to catch up with Juan to talk about the photos on the former's YouTube channel.

"There have been many sightings in this place," Juan told the content creator. "The people from here in town began to say today, 'I also saw that or I have I seen something different, but I saw it.' Yesterday, a lady came and told me that she saw it at night, but that it had many colored lights below, that it was not a plane."

One of the eager UFOlogists in the original Twitter thread compared the latest sighting with classic mid-century UFO reportings.

"Just as they were often seen between the decades between 1940 and 1960," one tweeter added. "Where the discs moved a few feet high, while rotating their angle to 45 degrees. Here I share GIF animation to appreciate the movement of the ship."

The Tamaulipas sighting comes on the heels of a startling new report from Congress instructing the armed forces to ramp up investigation of crafts that appear to be not "man-made."


"Temporary nonattributed objects, or those that are positively identified as man-made after analysis, will be passed to appropriate offices and should not be considered under the definition as unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena," the report said. 

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