Robert Downey Jr. Celebrates Birthday By Giving Avengers Fans A Puzzle To Solve

Robert Downey Jr. will once again hop into the Iron Man armor in Avengers: Endgame, and as we near the release date the hype and anticipation couldn't really build any higher. Before the film releases though Downey Jr. is celebrating another big day, his birthday, and to celebrate the delightful occasion he decided to share something with the fans. That turned out to be a puzzle for fans to solve on social media, though he did go out of his way to provide some clues to help us along, and fans have already broken the code.

Downey Jr. said "Here's a bit of a birthday gift from me to you all...", and shared a small crossword puzzle for fans to decipher. It starts out with 5 across, with the clue of "Me, today, but also Jon." Fans figured out that meant Happy, referring to Happy Hogan actor Jon Favreau, who also directed the original Iron Man that took the world by storm.

6 across reads "What I'm eating all of today", and since it is his birthday, that turned out to be cake. 7 across reads "Me, but for the last 10 years". This turned out to be Iron Man, as he's portrayed the character since 2008's Marvel Cinematic Universe kickoff. 8 across reads "Who I wouldn't be here without", and that is none other than his wife Susan Downey.

As for the Down clues, 1 down reads "Me, but also Charlie", referring to his time as Charlie Chaplin. 2 down reads "Me...but also Benedict", and that corresponds to Sherlock Holmes, a character both have played in successful adaptations. 3 down reads "Also...who I wouldn't be here without", which holds "myfans" as the answer. The last one is the easiest, with the clue reading "22 days..." corresponding to Endgame.

You can check out the full puzzle in the photo above.

Iron Man will, of course, play a big part in Endgame, and fans got a sigh of relief after the latest trailer showed Tony Stark back on Earth with the rest of the Avengers as they figure out what the next step is. The first trailers showed him stranded in space with oxygen running low and food long gone, but it seems he does get back down to Earth. That doesn't mean he's completely out of the woods yet mind you, but at least we'll get to see much more of him before the credits roll.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.



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