Sebastian Stan on How Winter Soldier's Arm Changes Have Grown With the Character

Many characters have changed and grown over the last decade in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but [...]

Many characters have changed and grown over the last decade in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but few have had a journey like Bucky Barnes.

The former Winter Soldier was put through the gamut in the Captain America trilogy and now it looks like he might have bit the dust in Avengers: Infinity War, but this could just be another step for the metal-armed mercenary.

Actor Sebastian Stan reflected on Bucky's growth while appearing on Earth's Mightiest Show, and how it mirrors the prosthetic arm his character has in the films.

"The funny thing is the arms have changed throughout the movies," Stan said. "It's just very interesting because it almost fits with where the character is."

Stan revealed that the prosthetic he used helped inform his character over the course of the films, which became a metaphor for how Bucky readjusted to life after coming back into Steve Rogers' life.

"The first arm that was in the Winter Soldier movie, the material was really hard and it was very hard to actually move in it... but it actually informed the way I was moving at the time because it was just like carrying this thing so it totally affected me in a great way," Stan said. "It made me discover the character in a way. And so I guess to some extent, so does he. He's just becoming more comfortable in his own shoes and arm as he's progressively getting older."

Unfortunately, that ride might have come to an end, unless Earth's Mightiest Heroes are able to turn back the clock on Thanos' fateful finger snap.

Many of the Avengers' allies perished at the end of Infinity War, which was kept a secret from the actors in the film until the day they filmed those scenes. Stan previously recalled the moment when he found out his character didn't make it out of the film alive.

"I remember the day on set and James Young, who is one of my talented, glorious stuntmen … on this film, came up to me and told me what was happening," Stan said at WizardWorld Philadelphia.

"And I was like, 'maybe this is it.' And I remember Anthony [Russo] was talking to everybody, and I was like, 'Anthony, do- OK, I'll wait. Uh, do- am I- uh, is this it?'

"And he was like 'No, well, you know, maybe. But not really. Well, I don't know.' So, that's the way that day went."

We'll see how generous co-director Anthony Russo is feeling when Avengers 4 premieres next year.

Avengers: Infinity War is now available on digital HD, and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on August 14th.