Captain America: Civil War Reenactors On Funny Or Die

Funny Or Die Civil War
(Photo: Funny or Die)

You know things are bad when Crossbones is the voice of reason in an argument.

Funny or Die's newest video is an inside look at the lives of Civil War Reenactors. Not North vs South mind you, but Team Cap vs Team Iron Man. The mockumentary focuses on two pool supply workers named Chad and Angus (Tony Hale and Adam Pally respectively) who take great pride in reenacting battles from Marvel's Civil War.

Now that the film has made the original story even more popular, they've managed to assemble an entire cast of reenactors, but it turns out the animosity between the two has become all too real.


You can watch the entire video above, and someone really needs to apologize to Crossbones. He drove a long way.