Marvel Fan Theory Could Reveal the Secret Ingredient of the Super Soldier Serum

The story of Chris Evans' Captain Americain the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be done for the time being, but fans are still finding connections between Cap's story and the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, one fan has gone so far as to come up with an entire theory that seeks to explain the "secret ingredient" of the Dr. Erskine's Super Soldier Formula that uniquely allowed Steve Rogers to become Captain America, where so many other tests before and after him would fail. According to that theory, the determining factor that makes the serum work can be found in the lore of Thor and the Asgardians - namely, the mystical enchantment that rewards only those who are truly "worthy."

You can read the full theory by TheLazerShell down below. Here's the basic breakdown:

Basically, the theory posits that Odin's enchantment on Thor's hammer Mjolnir was used to teach Thor the crucial lesson of humility - a lesson that Steve Rogers never needed to learn, as Steve came with humility as his defining quality.

The theory goes on to state that Erskine first developed the serum while working in the company of Johann Schmidt, the future Red Skull. Schmidt was obsessed with the mysticism of the ancient world - especially the Nordic history tied to Odin and the Asgardians' time on Earth in ancient times. The theory posits that Asgardian magic is just advanced science, Erskine may have figured out the formulaic equivalent of the Asgardian worthiness enchantment, and built it into his Super Soldier Serum as a sort of failsafe. It's posited that this is the reason that Erskine speaks with such grandeur and purpose about the serum and his search for the right man. Erskine quotes like "I am looking for qualities beyond the physical," suddenly have much different meaning in the new context laid out by this theory, suggesting that "worthiness" was more than just an moral concept: it was the key to unlocking the serum's true power. Conversely, the theory states that Red Skull became Red Skull because he failed that worthiness test, as Erskine stated: "The serum was not ready. But more important, the man," when revealing the backstory of what went wrong with Schmidt.


Now granted, this attempt to connect the legacies of Thor and Captain America is a stretch, as even the theorist himself admits ("Yeah the theory is paper thin... but IDK it just fits for me."). However, its a fun little bit of logic to trace, and would admittedly deepen the context behind why Captain America is eventually able to pick up Mjolnir and fight Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. What do you think of the theory?

The secret ingredient to the Super Soldier Serum is being "Worthy" from r/FanTheories

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