Comic Book Hot List for June 12, 2013

Unless you've been in a cave, under a rock, you know that the highly anticipated Man of [...]

Unless you've been in a cave, under a rock, you know that the highly anticipated Man of Steel will be released in theaters this Friday, June 14th. The buildup and expectation are huge, but this is also a big week for Superman in comic book form as well! And let's face it, if you're going to see this movie on opening weekend, there might be a line at the box office. Why not snag some reading material to go with the wait! I have just the thing to suggest. Read on below! And while you're at it, check out the other big books hitting store shelves this Wednesday.

Superman Unchained

DC ComicsSuperman Unchained #1  A new title begins here, and if Lex Luthor isn't behind the falling satellites, who is? Scott Snyder and Jim Lee team up for this new chapter in the Superman story. Batman #21  The "Zero Year" story begins with this issue. Witness the New 52 origin of the Dark Knight as only Scott Snyder can tell it. Batgirl #21  Barbara has her hands full battling the murderous new Ventriloquist, but her dad is also hunting Batgirl for murder! Smallville Season 11 #14  Be here for part two of "Argo", as Supergirl and Clark reunite, and man does he have a lot to balance in this issue! World's Finest #13  How further underground can Power Girl and Huntress go, especially with DeSaad's Hellhound after them? Suicide Squad #21  The team may currently have the upper hand by taking over Belle Reve, but never underestimate the power of Amanda Waller. Green Lantern Corps #21  Guy Gardener makes a big decision here, all in the midst of massive attacks on both Oa and Earth.

Avengers Assemble

MarvelAvengers Assemble #16  Part two of "The Enemy Within" is here, and the Brood are back! Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman are on the offensive with Carol squarely in the middle of it all. Wolverine #4  New York City is facing a biological attack, and Nick Fury comes along for the ride in this conclusion to the first story arc. Ultimate Comics X-Men #27  Who will lead the mutants? What happens to Utopia? What do we learn about Psylocke? All is revealed in this issue! Avenging Spider-Man #22  Is Mysterio really back? The Punisher is also here, and he definitely sees a difference in this new, more aggressive Spider-Man. Guardians of the Galaxy #3  The first arc comes to an end, and hey, Rocket Raccoon cover! Uncanny X-Force #6  Everyone wants something from someone else in this issue. How will the differing desires of Bishop, Fantomex, Betsy, and Cluster affect everything? Venom #36  Welcome to the Marvel universe Lord Ogre, we hope you...don't cause too much crime? New villain! Image Comics The Walking Dead #111 Simply put, Lucille will definitely be jealous! Peter Panzerfaust #11  Peter and the Lost Boys team up with the Braves, and the group soon learns that Felix isn't all that interested in reliving his memories. A Distant Soil #40  Liana loses control of her powers, and everyone is in danger. Be here as the final stories unfold from this series. Great Pacific #7  A new arc begins. It's been a year since the battle for New Texas, and while opportunity abounds, danger lurks as well.

Buffy Season 9 #22

Dark Horse Comics Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #22  It's a journey to the center of the Earth, as Willow, Buffy, and Xander must fight to get past the mystical council in order to get to a magic hotspot. Lives are on the line! X #2  Dark Horse's classic vigilante returns in this series, and more intrigue and behind the scenes battling continues! Star Wars #6  Luke has to improvise, Leia and Wedge Antilles prepare for certain death, all the while Han and Chewie make it up as they go along too. All the while, Darth Vader is watching. The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #1  The Girl is the only one of the Killjoys left after a battle years ago with maniacal Better Living industries. Girl must now rise and take on BLI once again for the sake of Bat City. Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem #1  The monster of Jewish legend is here to show the Nazis a bloody time. A small Jewish community is looking to this creature for safety! Also, if nothing else, Dark Horse wins the award for best titles this week! Boom Studios Bravest Warriors #9  Yeah, they're pretty cool guys you might say, but they also hop the multiverse saving lives and enjoying the pool! Great jumping on point here for new readers. Six-Gun Gorilla #1  In another world colonized by humans in the 22nd century, a gunslinger (who happens to be a modified silverback gorilla carrying two giant revolvers) canvases the landscape. Freelancers #6  The last issue is here, and Val and Cassie must both decide if life as a Freelancer in Los Angeles is worth it all.


Dynamite EntertainmentGrimm #2  The comic based on the cult tv show is here for its second issue, and Nick's involvement with the creatures known as Wesens continues. Shadow #14  The Shadow hunts a serial killer in New York. How do these killings relate to a woman known as "The Light?" Is a new nun in town connected to all of this as well? Vampirella #30  While Vampirella and Criswell are stuck 100 years in the future, things back home in the present are not looking good, as a coven of witches threaten everything! Valiant Comics Harbinger Wars #3 The penultimate chapter is here! H.A.R.D. Corps is here! The battle between Bloodshot, the Renegades and the Harbinger Foundation is out of control. This group may be the only choice to stop it, but can they be contained themselves? Zenoscope Grimm Fairy Tales Hunters Shadowlands #2  The hunters are reunited and are all unleashed here in a world where monsters are rampant. If they can survive the Shadowlands they will have to set aside differences and work together! Grimm Fairy Tales Robyn Hood Wanted #2  Nottingham needs a hero, and Robyn is making that happen, but will she be forced to face her crimes before she can help the city?