Falcon and the Winter Soldier TV Spot Reveals Sam and Bucky's Bitter Reunion

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes are together again in a new trailer for The Falcon and the Winter [...]

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes are together again in a new trailer for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. A lot of fans were expecting to see Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan together during the first episode of the Disney+ series. But, things didn't work out that way. However, if the rest of the run is anything like the teaser that just dropped, you're going to be in for those buddy comedy thrills that everyone enjoyed during Captain America: Civil War. The world has changed in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and it looks like it will take both Wilson and Barnes a while to get their footing. Fans can take heart in the fact that both men seem to bring a lot of good out of each other. Sam is going to need a strong ally in his fight to take back the shield, and Bucky could use some emotional support as he carves out his own path in life for the first time in a century. So, buckle up because the one-liners and explosions aren't going to stop any time soon.

Comicbook.com's Phase Zero podcast had Kari Skogland on to talk about her stint on the series so far. The director thought that having the focus on Bucky's past was absolutely essential to what they were trying to do.

"I think one of the most important things to discuss about that is the consequences of his actions," Skogland explained. "We don't necessarily ever dig into consequences, right? We have the violent act and then cinematically we tend to walk away and we forget that there's collateral damage. So he, in his guilt is dealing with the knowledge that there's collateral damage."

The filmmaker also wanted to touch on how the world was changed by The Blip in ways that hadn't been featured in the MCU before.

"Well, we're post blip, right? So it means that the world has changed. So, allies are enemies really is referencing more to border changes and the fact that the world, the world pre-Blip was one thing, and now, as a result of half the population being gone, the world changed and reformed and people became friends of countries that were enemies had to rely on each other," she observed. "People had to rely on each other differently. Elitism probably went away, you know, all that in first that the world changed, maybe even for the better because people had to, not unlike the pandemic, we've all had to, you know, be cooperative."

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