Fans Launch Petition Asking for Jon Bernthal Punisher Series at Netflix

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

While there have been rumors about a Punisher spin-off series from Marvel TV and Netflix after his critically-acclaimed debut on Daredevil courtesy of Jon Bernthal, nothing concrete is in the works yet. Well, some fans are taking things into their own hands, launching a petition asking Netflix to get started.

"We as an audience have adored Jon in this role WAY further than you expected," writes fan Alex Rambo. "You created him and now we feel you must continue to show how incredible he is/you are. All we ask is that you greenlight a Punisher series."

Well, unfortunately, this fan doesn't seem to understand that first off, Marvel TV has to be ready for a series before Netflix can agree to it - in these joint ventures, it comes from Marvel first, so they're probably the ones who need to be petitioned. Still, fan support like this is something Marvel - at most levels of their company - tend to play attention to, so it cant hurt.

Of course, Marvel TV Head Jeph Loeb did tell us that at any given time they have around 10 shows in development, so who knows, those rumors could be true.

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