How Iron Man Knew About Spider-Man According To Captain America: Civil War Writers

Captain America: Civil War spoilers follow.

By now, you know that Captain America: Civil War introduced Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time. The web slinger now calls the Avengers world his home.

Speaking of his home, more specifically, Peter Parker was visited at his in Queens by Iron Man himself Tony Stark during the new Marvel film. However, despite a slew of Marvel films to date and the Netflix properties taking place right down the street from where Parker rests his head, there had never been a previous mention of him.

So, how did Tony Stark suddenly know about Spider-Man's existence? The hardcore fans likely asked themselves that very question after catching Civil War over the weekend. took the question straight to the writers of Captain America: Civil War.

"I think he's been keeping tabs," Christopher Markus says. "I think he might know about everybody."

Everybody, meaning the Netflix characters, as well? That could tie into Infinity War which the Russo Brothers have dubbed "the culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe."

"I'd say that's the only buy there," Stephen McFeely added. "We always left a recruitment section. Everybody has an arc but some are really big and some are small. The recruitment section allowed you to bring people in for the big fight and call it Civil War but not require that they have 18 beats of an arc. We knew we were gonna go get Spider-Man, we knew we were gonna get Ant-Man, but they have smaller arcs.

"Tony has A.I. somewhere running crime statistics," Markus concluded. "He can see where it's going up and heroes might be needed and where it's going down and there might be heroes. It's why he built Ultron in the first place."

One has to wonder if it will end up being Tony Stark who brings the Defenders of Hell's Kitchen into the mix when Infinity War rolls around if they do make an appearance.

When Spider-Man's solo film, Homecoming, comes out in 2017, Tony Stark will renew his friendship with the young Avenger as Robert Downey Jr. has been revealed as a cast member for the film.

Captain America: Civil War is now playing in theaters.