Loki Director Explains Comic Influences On Marvel Show (Phase Zero Exclusive)

Loki director Kate Herron explained how certain comics influenced her Marvel show. The filmmaker [...]

Loki director Kate Herron explained how certain comics influenced her Marvel show. The filmmaker sat down with Comicbook.com's Phase Zero podcast to discuss all things Loki. Over the course of those six episodes, there are tons of comics nods. But, how do you decide which ones to include? Jenna Anderson asked Heron how you go about narrowing down some of the more popular entries. She asked, "And then you mentioned the comics, there are so many different references across season one, to different Loki comics, like Agents of Asgard and Vote Loki in Daniel Kimball Smith's run. How much comic homaging did you want to do? I know on social media, you've spoken about it a little bit."

Episode 28 of Phase Zero is available now, on the heels of its record-breaking Episode 27. The Loki finale-centric episode of the podcast had the most single-day downloads for the podcast in all 28 weeks since its launch.

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Herron began, "Yeah. I think for me, I just love so many of the stories with him in the comics and particularly episode five, it was so rich, right? Because I was like, 'Oh, this is where we can get to have lots of fun.' I think, because originally we knew that a group of bandit Loki's were going to go to the palace, but we didn't necessarily know who the leader was going to be. And I remember even with Tom, I think at one point this is more scheduled, but I remember because obviously he's like in every scene. And so we were like, 'Okay, well maybe he could play one of the bandits.'"

"Because I think I love the idea in episode two that you see all these Lokis that look like him to kind of throw you off the scent of Sylvie," she added. "But I was like, 'Oh, but we never see a Loki that looks like him, who is Tom and it would be really fun if he could play another version of himself.'"

"And then when we were thinking about the bandits, I was like, 'Oh, it'd be cool to have president in that.' You know what I mean? As the leader," the filmmaker continued. "And then it was just everyone was like, 'Oh, well it has to be Tom, it'd be so fun.' And yeah, I think he had a bit of like a... I'm trying to remember, we filmed that day, but I remember that you guys would have to ask him, but because I can't remember honestly, but I remember he was playing our Loki and it was quite emotionally taxing, I think when we were filming and then he had to go be president and I think he was like, 'Who am I what's going on?' Yeah, it was a very confusing day for him, I think."

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