Did Marvel Just Change The Title Of Jessica Jones On Disney+?

Did Marvel change the title of the Jessica Jones Netflix series now that it's on Disney+? It certainly seems to be the case... While Marvel fans can still find the show titled "Jessica Jones" while searching through the Disney+ home page and search menus if you watch the series you'll notice that the title card for each episode has been altered. As you can see below, Marvel and Disney are now going with the title "AKA Jessica Jones" on the opening credits title card for the show. 


As The Direct points out, this switch in title for the Jessica Jones series is just one more breadcrumb that Disney-Marvel is planning to reboot the entire Marvel Netflix Defenders franchise within the official Marvel Cinematic Universe

That process officially started with the announcement that Daredevil stars Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock) and Vincent D'Onofrio (Wilson Fisk) would be reprising their characters in MCU projects (Spider-Man: No Way Home and Hawkeye, respectively). Then, Disney-Marvel announced The Defenders Universe was coming to Disney+, creating a whole new restricted content format for the streaming service. With the original Defenders Saga under Disney's roof, and the characters appearing in the MCU, there's been a massive lingering question as to whether Marvel Studios was going to reboot that corner of the franchise – or not. It's a question that has only become a bit more clear, as Marvel Studios announced its Daredevil reboot is on the way

The Defenders arc is something that can still fit under the umbrella of MCU canon – especially if the Multiverse Arc of the series makes all versions of Marvel screen content viable for connection to MCU canon. So, while it may still be early to expect it, there is good reason to at least hope that this "AKA Jessica Jones" title switch is indicative that the series is going to be making a comeback in the MCU. 

"AKA Jessica Jones" was the original title that the series was supposed to go with – way back in 2010 when Marvel Studios planned to make the detective series part of its slate for ABC. Of course, fans are undoubtedly happier with the groundbreaking darker Noir-themed series Marvel and Netflix developed. Actress Krysten Ritter's mix of trauma and bravado swagger has made her one of the biggest examples of an actor influencing the comic character; the first season of Jessica Jones is also still routinely named as one of Marvel's best – especially with the story arc of David Tenant's Killgrave as the villain. Fans want Ritter back – and recent photos of her hanging out with Luke Cage actor Mike Colter in Hollywood have MCU fans already primed for her return. 


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