Former Marvel Actor Hints at Secret Role in Eternals

Could a former Marvel actor have a surprise role in Eternals? Based on some comments in a recent interview, it certainly seems like a strong possibility! FX's Legion star Dan Stevens was talking with reporter Steve Weintraub recently and was asked about a rumor about a role that he may or may not have in Eternals. All Dan Stevens would say about the matter is "Kro comment," which may in fact say it all. Even though it hasn't been made very clear from the trailers, Eternals does have a lead antagonist at work in its story: a CGI creature named Kro. And it sounds like Dan Steven will be playing the villain! 

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If you don't know, the name "Kro" is a reference to the villain from Marvel Comics, who will also appear in this Eternals movie. Kro is a powerful and cunning leader of the Deviant race - beings created by the Celestials to have wild variations mutations in their DNA, resulting in monstrous forms and formidable powers. In Marvel lore, the Eternals and Deviants are both forms of life the Celestials seeded on Earth; in the MCU, it seems the Eternals are re-imagined as roaming guardians the Celestials send out into the universe to clean up Deviant populations that have spiraled out of control. 

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

The trailers for Eternals have revealed that the MUC adaptation of the Deviants are depicted as savage beasts - but there are a few key scenes that hint why Kro will be a much different kind of beast (literally and figuratively). The Kro we see in Eternals is more humanoid and seemingly intelligent than the other Deviants - he also seems to be having an intimate connective moment with Angelina Jolie's Athena in one scene (see above), something that Marvel Comics fans know opens doors to some big potential twists in the MCU. 

In other words: If Dan Stevens is indeed playing Kro in Eternals, he's signed on for a pivotal role in MCU lore - one that could lead to more key appearances down the line! 


Marvel's Eternals will be in theaters on November 5th.