Marvel Studios President Confirms Iron Man 3 Is A Christmas Movie

Iron Man 3 is a Christmas movie according to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige. During a press conference for Hawkeye on Disney+, the executive was joking around with the cast about the setting of the series. When someone said that it was the big Christmas entry in the MCU, Brandon Davis joked that Iron Man 3 existed. it seems as though Feige enjoyed that nod and contrasted the two projects for a minute. The Tony Stark feature centered around the Holidays plot-wise, but the film was released in the middle of the summer. Iron Man 3 is one of those Marvel movies that invite a ton of debate because of how it deviates from some of the previous entries. Shane Black's take on Robert Downey Jr.'s journey through the series differs a bit from Iron Man 1 and 2. It would be hard not to mention The Avengers occurring before the third installment as well. In that way, the movie is very similar to Hawkeye, which will deal with some of the fallout from The Snap and how the Marvel universe moves forward.

"I want to thank you yes, I would say that as well, but it came out in the summer," Feige began. "This is fun, because it is a Christmas story that is taking place during the holidays. And it also was based on early discussions about a limited time period, about setting a series in not quite real-time, but essentially in a six-day period, six episodes, six days -  will Clint make it home for Christmas? -  which was fun and a breath of fresh air after world-ending stakes, Celestials bursting out of planets and multiverse shenanigans, that is this is, like Hawkeye himself, a grounded family-based show."

In a previous conversation with Yahoo Entertainment, Shang-Chi writer Dave Callahan talked about the decision surrounding The Mandarin in Iron Man 3.

"I don't remember most of how any of this originated," Callaham told the outlet. "I will say I feel pretty confident saying we knew pretty early on that we'd like to make that attempt to get Trevor into the movie. I remember that being a pretty early idea because we love the character but also because when we looked at what we knew we had to accomplish in terms of a character that in some way reflects the Mandarin." He added, "So the only connective tissue we really had available to use was Trevor because Tony Stark is dead and there haven't been a lot of other references to the Ten Rings. So it made sense narratively."

"I wouldn't say we always knew from day one that the whole purpose of him was to 'right a wrong.' I think that came as we explored the idea, and after Destin had his somewhat famous call with Sir Ben and we knew we could actually get him. But we always hoped for it certainly," Callaham added. 

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