'Punisher' Season 2 Set Photos Reveal Closeup Look at Jigsaw

The Punisher Season Two is in production, and recent set videos have revealed what actor Ben Barnes will look like as Marvel Comics villain Jigsaw. Now we have some new set photos that provide an even closer look at what this Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Jigsaw is all about.

As you can see, Barnes' Billy Russo looks like he's needed some serious facial reconstruction surgery, after Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) cut his pretty faces to shreds in the final episode of The Punisher Season One. The show seems to strike a good balance between the level of injury that Billy suffered, and the realities of just how far reconstructive surgical techniques have come in the modern age. Jigsaw looks more like a war vet whose suffered some serious damage, rather than the over-the-top Two-Face knock-off he was in the comic books.

Seeing the kind of hardware Billy is packing, and what this scene is depicting, the MCU take on Jigsaw is very much in keeping with The Punisher's overall aesthetic, which carries a military culture undertone to it, rather than the world of gangs and mobsters that some of the classic Punisher comics like to play in. That's not to say those elements are absent from the show, but the lives of military service men and women and the traumas they deal with was definitely a major thematic component of Season One.

So far, Punisher Season Two is seemingly shaping up to be a combination of the "Suicide Run" and "The Slavers" story arcs from the comics. The former involves Frank being injured and having to recover in a small town, even as copycat Punishers pop up to take his place. The latter sees Frank take down a slavery ring, and is known for being one of the darker arcs the character has gone on. If the two halves of Punisher Season Two combine those storylines, then conceivably, this scene with Jigsaw could be Billy Russo taking advantage of Frank being out of commission -- or even what puts him out of commission in the first place.


The Punisher Season Two has no release date yet. Iron Fist Season Two will premiere sometime in 2019. Luke Cage Season Two will arrive on June 22nd.