Tom Holland Teases Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Debut

Marvel fans around the world have been waiting and waiting to see the first trailer for [...]

Marvel fans around the world have been waiting and waiting to see the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home, and it appears their patience is finally about to pay off. Sony and Disney reportedly took down a leaked version of the trailer that started making the rounds online on Sunday night, and it looks like the official version of that leak will be arriving shortly. Take it from the star of the film himself, Spoiler King Tom Holland.

Early Monday morning, as fans anxiously await the premiere of the Spider-Man: Now Way Home trailer, Holland took to Instagram to fan the flames. Holland posted to his Instagram Live story and shared a simple message: "You ain't ready!"

spider-man trailer tom holland
(Photo: Tom Holland)

Holland doesn't mention the trailer specifically in his post, so it could technically be referring to anything. But the Spider-Man star is often sly and witty with his social media posts, especially when it comes to big news involving his Marvel franchise. This post is almost certainly about the No Way Home trailer, and we're all ready to find out what's in store.

There hasn't been much from Marvel Studios or Sony about the actual date of the No Way Home trailer. The only actual confirmation about anything related to the No Way Home trailer actually came from Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, who simply explained that the trailer will be coming out at some point before the movie debuts in December. That's the only concrete information to have been released so far.

"Shang-Chi is coming out, the Eternals trailer just came out, but yes on December 17, we have the third in our Homecoming trilogy with Sony and Jon Watts and with Tom Holland," Feige told's Brandon Davis. "I can only guarantee there will be a trailer before the movie comes out."

Fortunately, that wait is probably ending sooner rather than later. Between the leak and Tom Holland's new tease, we'll likely be seeing the trailer drop online very, very soon.

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