Brett Goldstein Sent His Parents to Thor: Love and Thunder Without Telling Them About Big Surprise

Brett Goldstein has been best known for his role as aging soccer player (and curmudgeon) Roy Kent on Apple's Ted Lasso – that is, until now. Brett Goldstein has stepped up to a whole new level of fame by joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe!  (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS FOLLOW) The mid-credits scene of Thor: Love and Thunder shows Russell's Crowe's Zeus dealing with the aftermath of the film's events (Thor stealing his thunderbolt) and tasking his son Hercules (Goldstein) with getting revenge by killing Thor. 

Goldstein got to make an epic entrance as the MCU Hercules – but the last ones to know about it were his own parents! In fact, Brett Goldstein played a gag on his mom and dad by sending them off to see Thor 4 - without telling them he was in it! 

"I didn't tell anyone because Marvel put a chip in my neck that said 'If you talk about this you're dead,'" Goldstein joked to Variety. "My mom and dad, I sent them a text and said 'I've just seen "Thor."' I knew it's not the kind of film they'd see. I said, 'You should go see it. It's funny.'"

Now right off the bat, any true-blue MCU fan would see the inherent danger in Brett Goldstein's plan: making sure his parents even knew to stick around for the credits scene! In a twist, however, the real threat to Goldstein's joke was his mom's rampant texting during the movie: 

"My mom is texting me all the way through the film giving me a running commentary," the actor continued. "I'm like, 'Just watch the film!' It gets to the end bit, where it shows Russell Crowe... My mom texts me 'Russell Crowe's in it again, he's very funny.' I go, 'Fucking look up at the screen!'"

Clearly the scheme ultimately paid off, and Brett Goldstein's parents got the surprise of a lifetime, seeing their boy become a Greek God on the big screen. If that kind of thing can't impress you mom and dad – what will? 

Hercules is now set to be a major character in the future tales of Thor. Marvel fans have been waiting a long time for the character to make his debut – and they've heard the tales of how he was almost featured in the franchise before. But he 's here now, and so far, Marvel fans seem overwhelmingly happy that it's Brett Goldstein playing him. 

Thor: Love and Thunder is now in theaters.