Thor: Love and Thunder: Kat Dennings Addresses if She's Returning to Marvel

All of the Phase 4 announcements at San Diego Comic-Con riled up fans with excitement over the [...]

All of the Phase 4 announcements at San Diego Comic-Con riled up fans with excitement over the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but few created as much buzz as the reveal of Thor: Love and Thunder. With Taika Waititi writing and directing while Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Tessa Thompson return to star, it could kick off a brand new era for the God of Thunder at Marvel Studios.

But many people are still wondering if another character is returning, especially with Portman back as Jane Foster. So will her intern Darcy, played by Kat Dennings, be back for the new film? ComicBook caught up with her during the promotion of her new show Dollface to find out if she's involved with Thor: Love and Thunder.

"No one has talked to me and even if they had, I definitely couldn't say anything about it," Dennings admitted, though she's very much open to the prospect of working with Taika Waititi.

"Oh my God, I am such a huge fan of his," Dennings said. "What We Do in the Shadows, one my favorite movies ever. So it would be an honor to work with him, but I have no info. None."

The new film will adapt Jane Foster's turn as the new God of Thunder in the Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman comic The Mighty Thor, and with Jane back there's a good opportunity to bring back Darcy.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently spoke with CNN about their reasoning for telling this story, revealing why Portman decided to return after not filming with the company since Thor: The Dark World.

"We love the story -- it's one of the best comic runs recently," Feige recently explained to CNN. "[Director Taika Waititi] would flip through and read that run while he was doing Ragnarok. And I think when he agreed to come back and do another Thor, he was like, 'How do we--?' This is a very big movie that'll be folding in a lot of elements. That is a huge important part of it. He pitched it to us, and we were totally in. We loved it. We'd been in touch with Natalie. She's part of the MCU family and we put she and Taika together. It took one meeting and she agreed to do it."

Thor: Love and Thunder premieres in theaters on November 5, 2021.

Additional reporting by Scott Huver.