Tilda Swinton Reveals Another Planet Will Be In Doctor Strange

We knew Doctor Strange would be traveling to alternate dimensions when his movie arrived in theaters early next month but we now know the movie will take audiences to a planet other than Earth.

In promotion of the upcoming release, Tilda Swinton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night. The actress discussed her role in the Marvel Studios film as The Ancient One but went on to discuss the roles her children played in the production. Swinton's daughter was a part of the costume design team while her son worked in the art department.

"My daughter was breaking stuff down," Swinton said. "Taking beautiful costumes and covering them with mud."

Kimmel and Swinton shared a laugh about her daughter's role of mucking up clothes. Her son and his art department, however, were certainly not a laughing matter for any comic book fan.

"My son, we had this amazing moment one day when I met him for lunch one day in the canteen and I said, 'What did you do this morning?' and he said, 'Made a planet!'" Swinton said. "It's a planet that, I've now seen the movie, and it appears to great effect at the end of the movie."

Kimmel confirmed the appearance of the planet, agreeing with Swinton's claims of the planet appearing at the end of the film.

Now, the question remains of what planet Swinton's son and the art department created for the end of Doctor Strange?

Strange Planet

With Thor's connection to Strange shaping up for Thor: Ragnarok, one has to wonder if the planet is one which will appear in November 2017 movie. Thor: Ragnarok will contain elements of Planet Hulk so it's possible Swinton's son designed a tease of a planet for the Planet Hulk storyline such as Sakaar.

Otherwise, the only other cosmic characters coming up in the Marvel Cinemtic Universe are the Guardians of the Galaxy with Vol. 2 right around the corner (and a trailer likely coming on Sunday). The Guardians could be traveling to any number of planets in the Marvel Universe, so if Doctor Strange will be revealing a link to Star-Lord and the gang, it's anybody's guess which new planet will be coming into the mix.

Of course, the possibility remains that Doctor Strange won't link directly to either of the upcoming cosmic Marvel films. The planet can tease the future threat of Dormammu or simply exist in another dimension.


Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4.