WandaVision Star Randall Park Forgot About Being On The Office

Randall Park played “Asian Jim” on The Office and completely forgot about it. The WandaVision star is enjoying some extra love from being on the show, and it has people remembering his brief stint on the NBC sitcom. He told Conan O’Brien about it on the comedian’s talk show and it completely slipped his mind. People were literally coming up to Park on the street and yelling Asian Jim at him while he looked on confused. However, he was made aware of the popularity of that episode and got a kick out of it. However, that didn’t completely take away the fear of wondering what that meant before he remembered his quick appearance. Gen Z viewers have made a trend out of the Asian Jim phenomenon. There’s a hashtag on TikTok called #woobackwednesdays where you can see the fans shouting him out almost every day. Check out his story down below:

Park began, “I was in and out in an hour and I thought, 'That was really fun.' And then I just completely forgot about it. Several years later, I'm like walking down the street and this car drives by and a guy yells, 'Asian Jim!' And drives off. And I'm thinking, 'Is this some racist thing that I don't know about?' I thought it was a hate crime because I had forgotten about my appearance on The Office. People would be walking up to me and saying, 'What's up, Asian Jim?' And I'd be like, ‘F*** you!’”

It’s no secret that Park really enjoyed showing fans a different side of Jimmy Woo in WandaVision. He told Marvel.com about how those fight scenes came together for the series.

“I got to fight, which I thought was really cool for the audience to see, especially coming from Jimmy of all — you know, because he is so sweet and so sincere and such an earnest kind of guy,” he observed. “To see him in action like that, I think it's a bit unexpected, but also, it's a testament to, ‘Yeah, this guy is really good at his job. He's well trained.’ And there's a reason why he's [at the S.W.O.R.D. base]. It's because he deserves to be here. So that scene was super cool.”

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