WandaVision's Randall Park Sparks TikTok Trend

TikTok absolutely loves WandaVision star Randall Park and the platform has its own trend named for him now. If you search #woobackwednesday on the app, you'll probably find some jokes about when he appears in a particular program. The user will explain that he's secretly the star of the show before a music drop comes in and a loud "Sike!" It's all in good fun and really serves to show how many different projects Park has been in over the course of his career. (Heck, the entire thing probably counts as an extended riff on The Office when he was Jim.) Needless to say, Gen Z is having a field day with these posts and you can find hundreds of examples of him floating around on TikTok. The actor is a nice guy, and probably enjoying the attention, so keep all the strange videos coming.

Park recently got to sit down with Marvel.com to talk about being Jimmy Woo in WandaVision. Fans have absolutely loved getting a chance to spend more time with he and Darcy over the course of this show. The actor has really enjoyed giving fans a different look at the agent.

"I got to fight, which I thought was really cool for the audience to see, especially coming from Jimmy of all — you know, because he is so sweet and so sincere and such an earnest kind of guy," he told the site. "To see him in action like that, I think it's a bit unexpected, but also, it's a testament to, 'Yeah, this guy is really good at his job. He's well trained.' And there's a reason why he's [at the S.W.O.R.D. base]. It's because he deserves to be here. So that scene was super cool."

In some comments to BUILD Series, he told them that it was kind of surreal to be at this point. "It's surreal because I grew up collecting comic books," Park explained. "And I was a big Marvel fan, so just to be in that world and to play a character that was actually in the comic books and then in the same year to be in Aquaman and to play a character that was in the DC Universe, I mean, that was pretty surreal."


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