WandaVision Director Dodges Question if the Twins Can Survive Outside the Hex

The first Marvel Studios series on Disney+ has presented a lot of mysteries for fans, but WandaVision fans are wondering what's actually real within the hex of Westview created by the Scarlet Witch. The previous episodes finally revealed that Wanda Maximoff is responsible for the Hex — the bubble that encases the alternate reality that plays out like television sitcoms — and that she also used her powers to create a new existence for Vision, instead of taking his dead body and bringing it back to life. This has caused fans to question if Wanda and Vision's kids are actually alive or if they are constructs similar to Vision.

WandaVision answered a lot of questions fans had about the series, especially when it came to the nature of the reality created within the Hex. We know that the Scarlet Witch's powers re-wrote reality in the neighborhood, transforming its denizens to fit into her sitcom-inspired world. But Vision was recreated from scratch, and it appears their children might be too.

WandaVision director Matt Shakman chimed in on this conundrum during an interview with ScreenRant. When asked if Billy and Tommy would survive outside of Wanda's Hex, the director had to remain cagey.

"I wouldn't be able to give you a good answer to that question today. But maybe if we chat again in a week or two, we could talk about it," said Shakman.

We will likely learn the answer to these questions with the finale of WandaVision, set to air on Disney+ on Friday, March 5th. But it looks like all roads are leading toward the creation of the Young Avengers, of which the teenage Tommy and Billy play major roles.

All of this will likely have a major impact on Wanda Maximoff, who created the Hex and altered the lives of everyone within. The latest episode of WandaVision revealed that she altered the town of Westview in an attempt to deal with her grief after losing her family and Vision. Shakman recently spoke with ComicBook.com about the fan-favorite moment when Vision tells Wanda, after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, "What is grief, if not love perservering?"

"[It came] from the amazing Laura Donnie's head. You know, I mean, from the writer of that episode, Jac Shaffer is a genius writer. Everyone she hired to work on that team was incredible and each of them brought a different perspective," Shakman said. "And I think Laura's episode, "Previously On," which we just had is a beautiful meditation on loss and it includes a line that's gorgeous. I think it follows in a tradition for Vision, which is that even though he's not human, he's almost more human than we are and you know, 'Something isn't beautiful just because it lasts.' He's had some of the best lines in the MCU about humanity and that's just yet another one and there might be some more in the future before this wraps."


WandaVision Series Finale airs on Disney+ on Friday, March 5th.