Werewolf by Night Director Shares Closer Look at Elsa Bloodstone and Jack Russell's Costumes

Werewolf by Night marks Marvel Studios' very first "special presentation" to hit Disney+ and it introduced some major Marvel Comics characters, including Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly) and Jack Russell (Gael García Bernal). Until the very end, the special was in black and white, which means fans didn't get the best look at some of the show's epic costumes. Yesterday, Werewolf by Night's director and composer, Michael Giacchino, took to Instagram to share a closer look at Elsa and Jack's outfits.

"Here's a couple of pictures showing the detail of both Jack and Elsa's costumes for #werewolfbynight. Designed by the incredible @mayesrubeo and her team. The whole costume department was filled with geniuses," Giacchino wrote. You can check out the photos in the post below:

Will Gael García Bernal Return as Jack Russell? 

"I was immediately on board," Bernal recently told Entertainment Tonight about joining Werewolf by Night. "Seeing that in this Marvel Universe and the infrastructure that exists, we can try out different things and experiment as well with this new character. I feel very lucky and very grateful that I've been chosen to play this guy." He continued, "Everything was fantastic ... It's really freeing as well because you're a different person altogether. And with that costume and everything, you can really howl with confidence." 

"Hopefully we'll get some chances to do this even more," Bernal added. "I'm really happy with the result of the project and the making of it ... I wish as well that there's a lot of possibilities to play with this character even more."

Is Werewolf by Night Getting a Marvel Studios' Assembled Episode? 

Earlier this week, it was revealed that a behind-the-scenes special titled Director by Night will be released on Disney+ on November 4th. However, the special doesn't carry the same Marvel Studios' Assembled branding that previous Disney+ shows received. 

Giacchino previously revealed he purposefully crafted the special as a one-shot with zero connections to the wider MCU. However, the filmmaker has also said he knows where the special sits on the MCU timeline if Marvel Studios ever asks him to return. 

"I have a very specific idea of how this fits into everything, but those are all discussions yet to be with everyone else at Marvel, Kevin and Stephen and Brian Gay and all, everybody else. These are the discussions that I do hope to have," the filmmaker told Collider. "But in my mind, because you do have to have some sort of reference when you're making something like this, and whether it's just for yourself or to explain to somebody else a motivation or a character. But as I said, it's my idea of how this fits in. It's my version of where this all goes because I did need that in order to of push this through. But it wasn't something that we or I felt needed to be a part of this. It was just more for me as I was making it."

Werewolf by Night is now streaming on Disney+.