5 Characters Best Suited For Marvel's Netflix World

Marvel's Cinematic Universe continues to expand as time goes on. Soon, we may have a cinematic universe as rich (but hopefully more organized) as the comic universe. Sadly, there isn't room on the big screen for every character to get their own standalone film. But there is plenty of space in the growing Netflix world.

Which characters are best suited for the Netflix presentation format? Let's take a look at the top five:

Moon Knight
The marine turned mercenary finds himself in New York City, much like Matt Murdock, doubling as a professional, but in his case a financier. The origin story here could be fantastically told through global flashbacks, adding excitement to his New York City journey where Daredevil and the Avengers are already established.

Sure, he's already been in the movies, but Hawkeye's most recent series comic by Matt Fraction & David Aja flew off the shelves for a reason. The character deserves his own spotlight and what better way to do it than Netflix? Show how he found his wife we met in Avengers: Age of Ultron or put him on an adventure all his own.

Jennifer Walters can serve as a fantastic Netflix character with a Bruce Banner cameo to kick things off. Well, yeah, we need to wait until we find out where he is at the moment but once he lends some blood to his cousin, it's on! Jennifer's journey of handling her new ability to be both a super hero and a civilian would make a compelling story on its own, but she also happens to be an attorney, just like Mr. Murdock. The layers to the She-Hulk story are all there especially when you toss in an overarching villain like Titania or Aberration.

Jessica Drew is a character we can meet once she already has her powers and come to grips with them. Backstory can be revealed through dialogue, flashbacks, or other characters finding revelations about her such as her parents disappearance. Given her ties to S.H.I.E.L.D., HYDRA & more she can fit into this world with relative ease, and who knows maybe even team up with Hawkeye!

The hardcore comic fans surely want to see Richard Rider, but Sam Alexander would be a fantastic match for Netflix. The upbeat tone of Jeph Loeb's run on the character could set up an introduction for Sam Alexander, much like Ant-Man focused on Scott Lang but also established Hank Pym, all the while being based on Earth and making the first Earth to Guardians connection in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Nova explores the Cosmos.



Which characters would you like to see make their way to Netflix?