Adam Sandler's Uncut Gems Coming to Netflix

UPDATE: A24 has since confirmed that streaming and home video plans for Uncut Gems in the U.S. have yet to be announced. The article as it initially ran continues below:

Netflix users have gotten used to seeing a lot of Adam Sandler over the last few years, as the actor/producer's company, Happy Madison Productions, as a deal to distribute new movies on the streaming service. Just last year, Sandler starred alongside Jennifer Aniston in Murder Mystery and it went on to become the most-watched Netflix movie of 2019. Movie fans on Netflix really have a heart for Sandler, but they're about to see a whole different side of him this year. Uncut Gems, the recently-released crime thriller from Josh and Benny Safdie that stars Sandler as gambling jeweler Howard Ratner, is on its way to Netflix.

Sandler's role in the R-rated film has been dominating conversation on social media this week, with hordes of people online claiming that the actor was snubbed by Monday's Oscar nominations. Netflix capitalized on the trend by announcing that the controversial film will be coming to the service this year. It will be streaming internationally on Netflix on January 31st, and in North America sometime later.

Netflix tweeted the news from its Netflix Film Twitter account on Tuesday afternoon, though the tweet was deleted less than an hour later.

"Your gems: uncut," Netflix wrote in the tweet. "The Safdie's UNCUT GEMS, coming to Netflix outside of the US on January 31 (coming soon to US)."

A24, the studio behind Uncut Gems, currently has a streaming deal in place with Amazon Prime Video. Nearly every film from A24 makes its way to Amazon after its theatrical run and home sales window. Uncut Gems coming to Netflix could just be about international distribution rights, since the film isn't being released in theaters around the globe, or it might have something to do with Sandler's unparalleled popularity on the streaming service.

The love for Sandler has certainly helped Uncut Gems in its theatrical run over the last month or so. The film delivered the biggest ever opening for an A24 film upon its wide release in December.


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Uncut Gems is now playing in theaters.