Army of the Dead Star Dave Bautista Promises the Ending Is Very Special

Army of the Dead is set to be an undead blowout on Netflix next month, assembling an awesome cast to portray a group of characters looking to rob a bank vault underground in a Las Vegas which has been overrun with zombies. The most recent trailer for the film put Dave Bautista front and center, putting the Guardians of the Galaxy star front and center under the direction of original Justice League genius Zack Snyder. While the movie is just less than one month away from its release, Bautista is sharing his hype for the ending of the film as it seems to have him particularly fired up.

"I've seen it like five times already. I'm not kidding," Bautista said of Army of the Dead during a panel at Justice Con over the weekend. "I don't wanna have you go in with super high expectations but you should. There's something about the end of this film that I'm absolutely obsessed with. It just... When you see it you'll see what I mean. I can't wait to hear everyone's feedback. I just love the end of this film. I love it." The full Justice Con panel is available on YouTube.

When Army of the Dead released its most recent trailer, audiences were raving over the inclusion of a zombie tiger. As it turns out, according to Snyder, all living creatures can fall victim to the zombie virus in this world except for one. "The only creatures immune from the zombie virus are birds," Snyder said in a Q&A last week. "That was the one thing that we decided in our science because you know, it is science, that birds would be immune." Still, the human zombies look like they will be a sufficient threat in their own ways.

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Army of the Dead hits Netflix on May 14.