Avatar 2 Star Kate Winslet Explains How James Cameron Changed Since Filming Titanic

The theatrical release of Avatar 2 is gradually getting closer and closer, after over a decade [...]

The theatrical release of Avatar 2 is gradually getting closer and closer, after over a decade since the first film shattered box office records in 2009. The upcoming sci-fi blockbuster will boast an all-star ensemble cast, all under the direction of director and writer James Cameron. Among the cast is Kate Winslet, who is no stranger to working alongside Cameron after previously partnering on Titanic. In a recent interview with Collider, Winslet spoke about the experience of reuniting with Cameron (which, as social media photos have already shown, includes a record-breaking underwater sequence), and how he has changed as an auteur along the way.

"Well, look, we're all older. We all got older," Winsley explained. "I look back on the experience of making Titanic and it's no secret that it was a very difficult shoot. It was very, very stressful and things were tough for all involved. When I think about what Jim had to pull off -- six-day weeks, for a seven and a half months shoot, four and a half months of which were night -- Christ, I know that was hard for us, the young actors. But I'm able to gain perspective as well, and with the benefit of hindsight, I look at what Jim was trying to pull off and the level of pressure he was under, and actually, I have even more respect for him now than I ever have done before."

"And the Jim Cameron on Avatar, he is calmer," Winslet continued. "I will say that he's just much more stepped into his true self, I think. That's because of experience. That's also because he's done Avatar before, so he knows this world and he knows these characters. He's invented that way of filming. There's a level of confidence that has grounded him in a much more comfortable place, just for him. He was brilliantly collaborative on Avatar, honestly. I was awestruck by how much time he allows for the actors to often just meander over a scene, if it doesn't feel like it fit quite right. And obviously safety had to come first. Listen, if there's a proper world collapse and we really are all set on fire and there's another global pandemic any minute now, I can tell you with my hand on my heart, one of the people I would want to be with in that bunker is Jim Cameron. He's very much safety first. I felt really good working with him. I'm so excited for Avatar."

Avatar 2 will see the return of Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Giovanni Ribisi, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Joel David Moore, Dileep Rao, CCH Pounder, and Matt Gerald. New cast members also include Cliff Curtis, Edie Falco, Brendan Cowell, Michelle Yeoh, Jemaine Clement, Oona Chaplin, David Thewlis, Vin Diesel, and CJ Jones.

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Avatar 2 will be released in theaters on December 16, 2022.