Avengers: Agent Coulson Gets A Poster, Wyndham Wallpapers the Internet


Lovers of Agent Coulson, rejoice! There's plenty more Clark Gregg on the Internet today. This week, Wyndham Hotels--a promotional partner with The Avengers--launched a micro site called Hotels Assemble to cross-promote the movie with their Wyndham Rewards loyalty program. A series of ten character-specific wallpapers have been circulating ever since, which are available to download from the site and feature all of the Avengers, plus S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Coulson, Hill and Director Nick Fury, in addition to Loki, the film's central villain. The wallpapers feature logos for the individual characters as well as for Marvel, Disney and Wyndham. They also give the first really good look at The Hulk and the first real close-up of Maria Hill, although she doesn't change much from shot to shot. Not to be beaten to the punch, though, Marvel finally released an official poster featuring Agent Coulson, the made-for-the-movies character who has appeared in every Marvel Studios film and who, until now, had been the only major character in the film not to be featured on a poster.