Late Show's Avengers: Endgame Parody Has Democrats Facing Off Against Donald Trump As Thanos

The Late Show’s Avengers: Endgame parody has Democrats facing off against Donald Trump as Thanos. Anyone reading this right now is probably pretty aware of the now default Endgame reaction video of all the Avengers mounting up their forces in the climactic final battle against The Mad Titan. Users all over the web have been editing in names of groups united against a common enemy since the movie was released. Earlier this summer it was random people banded together against the coronavirus pandemic, and now it’s the Democratic Party’s main players all lined up against the President. It’s pretty much a given at some point that the MCU meme would make it’s way into the political discourse again ahead of the election this fall. In fact, this probably won’t be the last time you see it surface on the way to November.

For years to come, that sequence will stick out for comic book fans as the gold standard when it comes to team fights in films. had the chance to hear about the creation firsthand from Weta Digital visual effects supervisor Matt Aitken. He told us that there are just so many variables when assembling that many characters on-screen together.

"We relish the challenge, and we love these opportunities," Aitken beamed. "But still, this is, as you said, the largest battle that's ever been created in any one of these 22 films. The scope was huge. Also, the weight of expectation from the audience on this movie was off the scale, and so we knew that we just couldn't muck it up."

"We had to honor that level of expectation and really honor the fact that this was the culmination of all these individual storylines," he added. "So we couldn't mess it up. But like I said, we relish these challenges and it was really, incredibly satisfying work to be engaged with."

The team’s biggest challenge in bring the fight to life was keeping the entire sequence fill constrained. Aitken recalled trying to make the fight seem like it was in closer quarters than it’s behemoth scale would seem. Having the Avengers headquarters in ruins ended up proving a perfect battlefield.


"The key to that was just staging the action within this environment," Aitken remembered. "Because there's a thread running through the whole battle which is our heroes collaborating and teaming up to get the Gauntlet with the Stones across the crater, through to the other side to where the van with the quantum tunnel is sitting, so they can get the stones back in time."

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